drawings, paintings and installations


  I was born in Agrigento on 12th January 1983.

                Since I was a child, I had the good fortune to regularly breath oil scent every time I entered my father’s studio in Piemonte.

                I grew up in Agrigento with my mother and grandmother and I lived there until I earned my Diploma. In 2001 I moved to Catania. After being enrolled in Law School as my family wanted me to, I then decided to attend a Historical and Political Sciences bachelor programme, which undoubtedly contributed to make me develop a mindset that I personally consider integrated in an “anarchic-collectivist” perspective.

                While attending university, I always worked in the “night life world”. Starting with a part-time job as a bartender, I made the most of it turning it into a real profession that gave me many opportunities, such as the chance to work around Europe. The desire of travelling and delightfully watching the world encouraged me to take part in several voluntary works organized by the European Union. Those experiences allowed me to discover myself by living different, special realities. In fact, while I was in Tenerife, specifically in 2010, I started playing the diatonic harmonica. After a while, in 2012, I went back to Catania and that’s when the craving of expressing myself became as insistent as the need of overcoming any suffocating conditionings. Gradually, that desire found in the purity of colors its own language. Thus, the pure color was thrown on the canvas as Fauvists teach and used to sweeten the taste of a provocative concept.

                I started oil painting during the spring in 2012 while I was in Catania, but then moved to Izmir, in Turkey. Here, I went through an intense period working on the collection “Stati d’animo”, which is displayed in the workshop.

                In the spring of 2013 I moved to the Island of Ibiza, in Spain. I lived there one of the best times of my existence while I was absorbed in a marvelous nature, surrounded by colors that lightened up my palette, close to artists and master of life. I installed my pieces and extemporaneously painted at Kumharas in Cala de Bou, I played for tourists on board Nina and I made art my living around the whole island.

                In 2014, I went back to Sicily, to Daniela’s hometown, Augusta.

                On 30th May 2014, I presented the art installation “Forme di precariato sociale” at Circolo Città Futura in Catania.

                During the exhibition and later on, I introduced my music (harmonica – guitar) to my homeland. It consisted in “author’s texts and strummed arrangements” that I kept playing always relying on the incredibly special collaboration of real musicians. 

                On Easter in 2015, I got myself involved with Campo de’ Fiori at Trittico Art Museum in Rome. The title of the art exhibition was “Nel Cuore di Eva… essere donna”. Later on, in September, I displayed an art installation during a long, repossessing of public space process, on the occasion of the International Festival of “Ursino Buskers” street artists.

                In 2016, I then presented the exhibition that went by the name “Volti Nudi in Natura” at MAS in Catania. It was a path through 16 art-pieces, 3 elements and 3 situations of research.

                During the same year, in Catania, I managed to insert an extemporaneous installation on the occasion of the 3rd edition of Ursino Buskers International Festival, dragging in those artists who naturally felt to give themselves to the street. 

                In June 2017, I became father of the most important art-piece: Giovanni.

                The wait: silence, crisis, loneliness, doubts, fear. The arrival: delight, amazement, energy, a never-perceived feeling.

                In July 2018, I had another installation in Sicily, but at Etna this time. “Pensieri in Natura Sguardi e Visioni”. “An 2.0 exhibition (not my words), an installation and a projection that dance hanging around the walls of the ancient millstone made of melton rocks at Museo della Civiltà Contadina in Nicolosi” (“Una mostra 2.0, un’installazione e una proiezione che danzano in una sospensione tra le mura dell’antico palmento in pietra lavica al Museo della Civiltà Contadina di Nicolosi).                Currently, I live in Turin and my art studio is located in Via Valpergo Caluso, 22.